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Reading: When I do my readings I channel spirits and guides to tell you about the past, present and future. To help you move forward in a positive way.
Channeling: I channel loved ones that have passed on pets. family, friends, etc to give you messages. I also allow them to use me to do automatic drawing for you.
Healing: I channel energy of peace, loved and light spirits to assist in the healing of you.
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Prices vary but will usually not go over an hour. Email for details.

All Spirit Messenger can connect you with animals, loved ones that have passed one.

A portion of every healing is going to a non profit organization . The next donation goes to Veterans , Moffit or big cat rescue . If you have others you prefer. Please let me know . The one that is most voted for I will donate to. With my healing I ask you have an empty stomach for 2 hours before healing and so do I. You also have to be in a comfortable place to lay down. If you have to sit that is ok to.Have a glass of water ,white candle and sage next to you. A quiet place. Thank you and have a happy day